Wildlife Adventure

8 Days

Wildlife Adventure in Slovenia, greenest country in Europe


Private transfer from Ljubljana Airport to Kočevje (approx. 1,5 h). Check-in at your hotel and rest of the day at leisure.

Explore on your own: When you visit Kočevsko Region, you will almost certainly start your discovery of the landscape in Kočevje. The largest town in the destination offers a lot. You can get to know and feel Kočevje best if you walk through it. A short, easy thematic route, covering 23 buildings and 2 bridges, is designed around the town, where you can see the most important milestones in the history of the town.

While in the town of Kočevje, take time for a sweet break. Try the typical dessert of the countryside, the Kočevje little bombs (‘kočevske bombice’).

Kočevje was significantly marked by the works of the academic sculptor Stane Jarm. The works of Stane Jarm stand on the open in the town centre, which you can find during a pleasant walk. Take the time to discover the magic of the streets, where sculptural creations are flourishing.

Kočevsko is a green destination, where the residents are striving hard to keep it that way. We want to enjoy the beautiful nature of our country for a long time, breathe fresh air and drink clean water. We believe that precisely this diversity of the natural world is the reason for your visit. We only have a single rule here – leave the natural environment behind in the same state as you found it. Take all your waste, even organic, to the garbage bins in towns.

Overnight: Kočevje

Day 2 :

The vast forests of Kočevsko offer a home to many large and small animals that you can rarely meet elsewhere. When visiting the forest with our experienced guides, you can meet some of them –
you can meet them up close or from a distance through a camera lens. The most powerful and most known resident of the forests of Kočevsko is the brown bear.

The brown bear is Europe’s largest beast. It once spread out throughout the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere, but unfortunately it has already become extinct in many areas. Even in
Slovenia it has been heavily hunted in the past, but with careful management we can proudly say that today its population is the most numerous in Kočevsko forests.

In Kočevsko, people are aware of the importance of this powerful animal, and with prudent measures and handling they ensure a satisfactory and safe coexistence.

Duration: whole day, depending on guide’s suggestions

After the tour return to your hotel and at leisure.

Overnight: Kočevje

Day 3 :

Following the Footprints of Wild Animals: Many large and small animals have found their home in the forests of Kočevsko. We carefully protect their species and we are proud that all three beast have been preserved: the bear, wolf and lynx. There are other exceptional animals walking along our forests, such as deer, roe deer, fox and wild boar. You will find it hard to meet them in the forest by yourself, so we recommend you take a guided tour for a genuine experience of the wilderness. You will be surprised by the number of animal activity in the Kočevsko forests!

Duration: half-day, depending on guide’s suggestions

You can combine this tour with some bird watching. In the forests of Kočevsko, everything is buzzing with life. To see some of its astounding inhabitants, you must look up, into the air and
between the tree trunks. The white-tailed eagle is one of Slovenia’s biggest birds of prey, which has a wing span of over 2 metres. A glimpse of this wonderful bird during flight will take your breath
away. Unfortunately, it’s very rare, so sightings are very precious. We are endeavouring to increase their numbers. During the summer or quietly sitting on a branch you can also see the Ural owl and the Northern goshawk, which are well-represented in the forest.

After the tour at leisure.

Overnight: Kočevje


Private transfer from Kočevje to Križna Jama Cave (approx. 1 h).

Križna cave (Križna jama) is a 8,273 meter long cave system, which is located under the area of Bloke, Loškim and Cerknica field.

Initial parts of the cave feature large cave halls. After a few hundred meters into the cave there is no natural lighting, so visitors explore with the help of given flashlights. The tour continues through a tunnel, which drains the water from the first lake. That is followed by a 10-minute boat ride through the first lake.

Due to cave protection, this next part can be visited by a single group of up to 4 people daily, but no more than 1,000 visitors every year. From the first lake we continue our way over rocks to the second lake. At it’s center the ceiling lowers which makes the transition to a typical water tunnel harder, but marks a beginning of an unforgettable journey. The lakes are up to 6 meters deep. The journey ends at Calvary hall (Kalvariji), which is rich with stalactites. We take the same route back to reach the exit.

Duration: approx. 4 hours

Continue to your accommodation near Križna Jama. Rest of the day at leisure to explore on your own.

Overnight: Cerknica


Lake Cerknica is one of the largest intermittent lakes in Europe. It appears every year on the karst polje (plain), caught between the Javorniki hills and the Bloke plateau on one side, and Mount Slivnica on the other. During the dry season, the lake disappears, which enables paddling, fishing, hiking or grass mowing in the same area in just one year. The importance of intermittent Lake Cerknica, therefore, goes far beyond Slovenia’s borders. Along with the Rakov Škocjan valley and the Križna jama cave, Lake Cerknica has been designated as a wetland of international importance, and also as a Natura 2000 Site because of its importance for the preservation of endangered birds. In the area, 276 bird species have been observed – half of all European species; this is home to 45 mammal species – one half of all European species; 125 butterfly species can be spotted here – a little less than a third of all European species… Biodiversity of the region is truly exceptional!

Hike through Rakov Škocjan Valley. A visit to this picturesque karst valley, formed by the sinking and collapsing of a cave ceiling, will not leave you indifferent. Taking a break in the shades of century-old oak trees, enjoying the view of the splendid Big Natural Bridge (Veliki naravni most), travelling back in time at the ruins of the church of St. Cantianus, breathing in the fresh cave air under the slender arch of the Little Natural Bridge (Mali naravni most), or strolling along the soft and maintained trail by the tall-grown firs is an unforgettable experience for anyone.

On an afternoon walk, one can observe millions of years of geological processes which shaped this little karst valley. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that it was nominated to be included on
the UNESCO World Heritage List.

After sightseeing continue with a private transfer to Bled (approx. 1,5 h). Check-in at your hotel and rest of the day at leisure.

Overnight: Bled

Day 6 :

Observing wildlife: Recently, an increasingly frequent contact with wildlife and nature is achieved through observing game and other wildlife in its habitat. Observation is carried out in the company of professional hunters, at times and in areas where there is no intense hunting.

Deer and wild animals in their habitat can be observed along paths, at bilges, or when moving within a hunting ground. Animals in peaceful zones of hunting grounds, which are intended for mating and preservation of the populations of individual species, should not be disturbed.

Rest of the day at leisure to explore Bled on your own. Bled is famous for its blue-green alpine lake, picture-postcard church on an island, a medieval castle clinging to a rocky cliff and some of the highest peaks of the Julian Alps and the Karavanke as backdrops. Don’t forget to try worldwide known cream cake!

Overnight: Bled


Private transfer to Lake Bohinj.

Lake Bohinj is one of the top natural pearls of Slovenia. It lies within Triglav National Park enclosed by the beautiful Julian Alps. Crystal clear water offers bathing between June and September,
but the area around the lake draws fans of various sport activities and pristine nature environment throughout the year.

Edible Wild Flowers workshop: Fun and educational walk on biodiverse Bohinj meadows with Dario Cortese. He is a well known Slovenian author, who wrote 12 books with wild food recipes,
is also referred as “druid instructor” and loves to share his vast knowledge on the topic. Workshop lasts between 10am-1pm.

After the workshop enjoy afternoon relaxing on Bohinj Lake. Return to Bled and overnight.

Overnight: Bled


Private transfer to Ljubljana Airport.


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